It’s been a long break but I am blogging once again! …This time from a different Angle…

It's been a long break but I am blogging once again! ...This time from a different Angle....jpg

Yes I am back however there is some news I have to break to you: This will no longer be a blog directly about social media and will instead choose to focus more on the online advertising industry.

Apologies if this does upset some of you but I will be writing about social media strategy when need be. To tell you the truth, I do not find the social media space as exciting and appealing as the online advertising space and this industry is where I would like to focus my career.

In fact I have actually partnered alongside a very prominent advertising technology company who have secured multi-million dollar investments from various Silicon Valley VC firms. I approached this company and worked on an agreement to bring them to my country (New Zealand) and then incorporate their technology into local publishers’ content.

This is not like the other ad tech firms out there who simply build banner ads with pixelated gifs playing nothing but turmoil. This company takes pride in their revolutionary technology – by incorporating Virtual & Augmented reality features into their ads which increase engagement and create an exciting and unique experience for those viewing them.

Before I reveal more details about the company let’s look  back at my last post: The one about Dollar Shave Club.

I am pleased to announce that Dollar Shave Club was acquired by Unilever for an estimated $1 billion! Everything about this business was perfect from a marketing sense which made it a great model to make a case study about. Without bragging, I always saw the potential of this company since a few years back when I saw their viral video and learned more about their subscription based business model.

Although Mike Dubin will probably never see this, I would like to in-directly congratulate him on his success for being the face of the brand and building it into what it is today.

I also have one cheeky idea:

Shit, Shower and Shave.

DSC should promote the sh*t (literally) out of this slogan and bundle it into a package that provides products catering to precisely these three primitive tasks. Almost a step-by-step process but more like a routine, DSC could use their current product range (one wipe charlies, Wanderer body cleanser and razors) to build a package called Shit, Shave and Shower and promote the idea of relaxing after work, before going out, the idea that these tasks should be able to be completed stress-free and simply and so forth.

Shit, Shave and Shower- Could you  see it on fluorescent billboards? I sure as hell could!

I wanted to make this post short in order to point out the changes that will commence upon us. If you have further inquiries about anything feel free to mail me on LinkedIn or email me:

I really do hope you enjoy these blog posts and what is to come – thanks once again for taking the time to read this.


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