Social Media needs for the Bureaucratic?

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In this post I will be explaining how politicians have used social media effectively for their campaigns.

It may come as a surprise if you have never seen a politician advertise themselves on social media however it is a great way for them to reach the millennial generation as well as those who choose to not consume traditional media.

Often we will find that ‘our Facebook friends’ like to publicly post about their political views so it does make sense for politicians to step in and actually be a part of all of the controversy.

It comes as no surprise when 38% of all social network users interact or promote some kind of political campaign through their personal social media account.

That translates to roughly 2 out of every 5 of your friends promoting or interacting with a political campaign!

From this statistic we can see that political activity is very prevalent among social media users – which is one of the main reasons why political candidates use this as a platform to promote themselves.

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Now we realize the importance of politics among lots of users of social media. Once political parties catch onto this they can use it to their advantage as a way to win elections and get votes.

We will now look at some examples of politics who have used social media in their favor.

First of all is a relatively recent success being the campaign of Donald Trump. Although his statements have been made to look ridiculous, he has marketed himself very well. He is an active participant in social media and undoubtedly believes that this is an easy avenue to get his ideas across and reach out to those across America. Although I do not support Trump, he has successfully gained 8,613,917 social media followers in total. This has led to him being the most followed presidential candidate in 2016 where he has an even distribution of followers across all of the big platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Hillary Clinton has also gained a considerable amount of followers totalling 6,084,180 across all platforms. Along with Bernie Sanders who has gained 2,429,866 all together. With 88% of millennials on Facebook it is an intelligent decision to focus lots of marketing towards this industry.

Expanding across countries to India, the prime minister Narendra Modi has successfully formed his social media presence to give off the idea that he is tech-savvy and has the ideas of the millennials in his mind. He or (as I presume) his marketing team have obviously realized that this younger generation is reached through social media and to appeal to them he must relate with them. He does this by having a fairly relaxed approach to social media where his pages are relaxed and positive with great new ideas in mind.

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In my local nation of New Zealand, the government has decided to use social media as they also realize that it is a way to reach people. The government has even gone as far as putting together a social media toolkit for companies to use to help them set up their own social media accounts. This is very beneficial to them as they are assisting local businesses with knowledge as they know that social media will result in business success if the execution is done well.

There has been extensive reports from various government entities that encourage the use of social media. Here is a list of a few taken from the webtool kit government website:

All retrieved from:
Please note that I do not own the rights to this information and the original source must be cited wherever used.

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Well that wraps up another blog post, hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

A question I have for you is:

Have any of your friends on social media posted about political topics? If yes, does it bother you?

Please leave your comments in the section below and I will respond to each one personally! Also if you found this useful or insightful please share on social media – thanks!


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