6 Things you may not have known about Social Media in 2016


6 things
Created by: Jack Manning on Canva.com

In 2016 there is no arguing that Social Media hasn’t impacted our lives – even if we aren’t participating in any social media platforms, we have heard of it at some point in the last 5 years (if not longer)… Yet how much do all of us actually know about Social Media despite it consuming our lives? The Truth is that most people do not notice the vast range of social media and how it can be used as an instrument in marketing organizations.

Here are 10 things you may not have known about social media until now:1

1. Social Media came into light after the launch of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is what allowed people with a computer and html programming skills to launch their own webpage, blog and other user-generated content. After their was a strong need for people to share content with others, social media was spawned which ultimately made the whole process of sharing content among one another very simple.

Created by: Jack Manning on Canva.com

2. Main forms of Social Media:

The main forms of social media include:

  • blogs
  • wikis
  • social networking sites

I will discuss more about them in the next few points.

3. Blogs

Blog: A blog is an abbreviated term for ‘web log’ and it is a website that acts as a diary/journal for opinions and thoughts published through posts on a web page on the world wide web.

Examples of blogs that I personally visit are:

Created by: Jack Manning on Canva.com

4. Wikis

Wiki: A wiki is a webpage that allows anyone to create, change and collaborate on a single webpage.

A wiki is often used when users are contributing information on a specific topic that will usually require them to cite their sources to ensure that the information is credible.

Wikipedia.com is the largest wiki on the world wide web with over 11 million entries. Other popular wikis are AboutUs.com, Wikianswers and Baike.com which also have millions of entries.

Created by: Jack Manning on Canva.com

5. Social networking sites

Social Networking Site: A social network can be described as a web-based platform made up of social actors and social relationships.

These sites allow friends to share user-generated content and other forms of content in one place as well as communicate with one another. This [social networks] has been the key defining characteristic of web 2.0 and is how the world wide web has changed over the years since its beginning.

There has been the rise and fall of many social networks with thousands currently circulating the web.

The main players in the game as of 2016 are:

Created by: Jack Manning on Canva.com

6. Social media is a breeding ground for companies to make money

Think about it, we are surrounded by advertising wherever we go whether it be in a mall, on the bus or even scrolling through the newspaper – we are subjected to advertising more than we realize!

Social media is a place which attracts a lot of people so it is clear to see that the main platforms are going to be able to sell advertising to companies and pocket themselves a tidy sum of money.

For a company that stocks a virtual product, that is not a bad amount to be worth!

Created by: Jack Manning on Canva.com


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